RapidPro 2-Line 1 Decon Shower System

Part #: 13-100-6

Individual Decontamination Shelter Shower System for effective decontamination of a single ambulatory person. The shelter incorporates a tall profile to accommodate individuals fully outfitted in PPE. Unique articulating frame allows the shelter to shrink down to small footprint for storage, and is constructed from corrosion resistant aircraft-grade anodized aluminum rods. All necessary accessories for the decontamination of a single individual and containment of waste water come included with the system.

The most effective use of a single-person decon shelter is for the decontamination of response workers who are exiting the cold zone after working within the primary decon shower as a part of the primary cleanup effort. This system can also be deployed as a part of a response kit for VIPs thanks to its compact size, provided there is a standard water source near by. System will work with standard water pressure from a garden hose.

System is available in a variety of skin colors and can be further customized to meet your requirements.


  • External articulating frame with corrosion resistant anodized aluminum
  • Design facilitates rapid deployment as the shelter can operate with 30% of frame missing or broken
  • UV stable, fire retardant and chemical resistant fabric on interior that protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites cleanup
  • Stores to 26” x 26” x 26”. Space efficient for facilities with limited space
  • Thermostatic temperature valve and gauge for easy water temperature management
  • Integrated interior berm covers entire floor of decon area and contains the waste water runoff
  • On/Off capable shower nozzles on interior fabric saturate patients with 360º of spray


RapidPro 2-Line 1 Decon Shower System Specifications

Interior FabricYellow w/ White Interior
Exterior FabricNo exterior fabric
Interior Shelter Dimensions5’ L x 5’ 5” W
Exterior Shelter Dimensions5’ L x 7’ W
Shelter Stored Cube26” W x 26” L x 26” H
Shelter Weight55 lbs (24 kgs)
Shipping Weight172 lbs (78 kgs)
Number of Water Booms1
Number of Body Sprays7 @ 1 GPM standard
Number of Quick-connects for Hand Wands1 (mounted low)


All safety equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.