Mass Decon Shower System

Part #: 13-100-5

The RapidPro Mass Decon Shower system is designed for rapid and effective on-site NBC decontamination of personnel using a three full-size shelters which allow for multiple configurations.

In its standard form this shower system sends either 3-lines of ambulatory or 2-lines of ambulatory and a single line of non-ambulatory patients through three 3-Line 8 shelters connected end to end. This setup allows for large undress, wash, redress spaces and reduces choke points for maximum patient throughput. Ergonomic hand sprayers and 360 degree active spray curtains ensure that patients are covered from all angles. The system includes also includes 36’ of articulating conveyors to facilitate the transport of non-ambulatory casualties through the decontamination process.

The system also includes (1) flash water heater, (1) Multi-fuel 133,000 BTU air heater, (1) 5.5 kW Generator, (6) light fixtures, (4) patient transfer boards, (1) 30 GPM water pump, and a full set of flooring, berms, and waste-water bladders to keep patients and the decontamination site free of contaminated water. A variety of color options are available.


  • Articulating frame structured from rust proof, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Functional with 30% of the frame broken or with 30% of the nodes shattered
  • UV stable, fire retardant and chemical resistant fabric on interior that protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites cleanup
  • On/Off capable shower saturates patients with 360º of spray


RapidPro Mass Decon Shower System Specifications

Shelter TypeUndress / RedressCenter Wash
Interior FabricYellow w/ White InteriorYellow w/ White Interior
Exterior FabricWhite Thermal ScreenWhite Thermal Screen
Interior Shelter Dimensions11 ’W x 13 ’L11 ’W x 15 ’L
Shelter Stored Cube43" W x 43" L x 43" H45” W x 50” L x 45” H
Shelter Weight180 lbs (81 kgs)220 lbs (99 kgs)
Number of Water Booms05
Number of Body Sprays050 @ .4 GPM standard
Number of Quick-connects for Hand Wands04


All safety equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.