RapidPro K9 Animal Decontamination System

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In response to these growing threats to working dogs from a wide range of harmful toxic, industrial, or chemical warfare agents Peke Safety has developed the RapidPro K9 Decon
Station for keeping bomb detection, search and rescue, and military working dogs clean after deployment.

The design of the platform is based on feedback from expert K9 unit trainers and handlers and incorporates several elements, including a waist high wash platform, non-slip entry and exit ramps, and quick-disconnect harness system, with the goal of reducing the amount of stress on the animals during the decontamination process. For maximum operational flexibility, the system is rapidly deployable and can be setup near any event scene, eliminating the need for animal transport and additional contamination of vehicles after the operation is complete.

System includes a catch basin, bladder, and water pump to capture contaminated wash water and non-slip flooring to ensure that system operators are safe. External water supply is required for operation.


  • Portable and compact design allows for transportation in a small pickup truck, van or SUV
  • Soap dispesner attachment with quick-disconnect allows for injection of soap into water supply as needed
  • Two double male quick-connect assemblies allow for fast and easy hook-up of soap dispenser, water source, and hand sprayers
  • Built in drainage gutter and 1” drain allow for controlled waste water removal


RapidPro K9 Animal Decontamination System Specifications

PAWS Table Assembly 1
Overhead Restraint 1
Hand Sprayer Attachments 1
Folding Ramps 2
Collapsible Berm 1 (8’ x 11’ x 8”) 
Rollup Flooring 1 (3’ x 11’ x 1.75”) 
Submersible Pump 1


All safety equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.