Portable Negative Pressure Shelter

Part #: 12-200-1

This negative pressure shelter can be used for a temporary negative/positive pressure facility for isolating contagious patients, waiting room/surge capacity, intensive care, bronchoscopy, renal dialysis, triage chamber, or isolated triage. These systems have been deployed extensively around the world to isolate patients infected with Ebola, SARS, MERS (Coronavirus), and other highly infectious diseases. Constructed from corrosion resistant anodized aluminum and chemical resistant fabric with an internal PVC lining that can be decontaminated using standard hospital protocols.

Shelters sized for either three or eight patients. Easily switched to positive pressure operation. Includes 1500 CFM HEPA or 1500 Biological / Chemical Filtration unit, or 400 CFM MK1 Filtration Unit.


  • Integral, zippered, full-width, 5 foot anteroom
  • Sidewall and overhead attachment points for monitoring equipment
  • External thermal screen to reduce heat absorption
  • Snorkeled ductwork for MK400 or MK800 filtration units
  • Standard windows on each side and double end viewing portals


Portable Negative Pressure Shelter Specifications

Chamber Size24' x 16' x 9'
Chamber CapacityUp to 8 patients
Fabric ColorWhite
WindowsFront, Black, Interior Door, One on each side
Interchangeable Windows2 Viewing, 2 Pass-thru, 2 Utility Ports
Doors1 Airlock Door, 2 End Doors
Stored Cube Size53” x 53” x 53”
Shelter Weight272 lbs (123 kgs)
Shipping Weight565 lbs (256 kgs)


All safety equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.