Portable EMAT Systems

Part #: 12-101-20

The EMAT-5T (Emergency Medical Air Technology) unit uniquely integrates patented technology with high-quality HVAC equipment to form a single, capable package with unmatched capability for medical isolation, field hospital deployments, and command and control when working in highly contaminated environments.

The system works to create either positive pressure “protective isolation” or negative pressure “medical isolation,” utilizing HEPA filtration and UltraViolet germicidal irradiation to capture, contain and neutralize all biological contaminants. In addition, the EMAT 5T system exceeds CDC guidelines for air changes when utilized within an isolation area of the appropriate size.

EMAT 5T units are extremely durable, all-weather capable, and can be configured to single phase or three phase electrical wiring standards as needed.


  • Negative pressure medical isolation for portable field hospitals
  • Positive pressure biological collective protection for portable field hospitals
  • Mid to large scale medical isolation for healthcare
  • Post-event decontamination response
  • Odor abatement and air quality monitoring
  • Smoke removal and particulate filtration


Portable HVAC System Specifications

Size 68” H x 35.5” W x 68” L 
Weight 1296 lbs (587 kgs)
Housing 16 Gauge Steel / Welded Seams / Powder Coated 
Frame Steel 
Wheels 4 x 6” Pneumatic Tires (Front-locking) 
Electrical 240v Single Phase 60 Hz (HVAC only)  90 Amp / 240v (Full heating load) 
Airflow 2400 (High Flow)  Fixed Airflow 
Input Duct Yes 
Exhaust Duct Yes 
Duct Size 16” 
Pressure Gauge Built-in warning LED and audio alarm indicates 
Neg. Pressure Gauge HEPA replacement required 
Air Handling Yes - located within shelter on remote controller  Recirculation or outside exhaust for negative pressure within shelter or outside intake for positive pressure  within shelter 
Design Parameters All operational parts behind filter 
Operational Mode Horizontal only 
Hour Meter 9,999.99 
Pre-filters Size 24” x 24” x 12” 
Pre-filters Type Carbon or Particulate, Non-woven HEPA 
HEPA Filters Size 24” x 24”x 12” Deep ‘V’ pleat configuration 
HEPA Efficiency 99.99% @ .3 Micron, 99.97% @ .1 Micron 
UV Wavelength 254 NM 
UV Exposure Time 24/7 constant irradiation with UVGI 
UV Lamps 11 
UV Lamp Size 19.5” 
Heater Capacity 2-stage combined 68,000 BTU 
Heater Configuration 2 x independent banks of heater coils 
HVAC Capacity 60,000 BTU 
VOC Removal No
Disinfecting No
Air-sampling Manifold 1


All safety equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.