IsoPod Advantage Plus

Part #: 12-100-3

The IsoPod Advantage Plus is the patient isolation and transport stretcher of choice for EMS, hospital, and military organizations around the world and is designed specifically for the transport of patients who have been exposed to highly infectious diseases or suffer from compromised immune systems. This containment stretcher is constructed from 18 oz. PVC and 16-gauge clear vinyl, which prevents penetration by particulate, gaseous vapor, or liquid contaminants from both inside and outside the stretcher. Seven 4” circumference glove ports allow for interaction with the patient by medical personnel, custom pass-through ports allow for heartrate and oxygen monitoring equipment, and a calibrated, rechargeable blower unit provides 12 air exchanges an hour while in use. Clean, filtered air is pulled into the bag through 2 HEPA filters and extracting it through a single M96 chemical canister.

The IsoPod Advantage Plus unit ships collapsed and requires minimal assembly prior to use. Includes a carrying bag, all required hoses, and one set of filters.


  • Heavy duty and puncture resistant
  • Greater than 12 air exchanges per hour
  • Equipped with a 4 CFM blower with rechargeable Li‐Ion battery and charger
  • Pass thru ports to allow objects into system
  • Ports to allow IV, Oxygen and other lines access to the patient
  • A liquid-tight zipper that extends the length of system
  • Includes a restraint strap system to secure the patient during transport
  • Full-width side windows for easy viewing


ISO-Pod Advantage Plus Specifications

General Dimensions85″ x 28″ x 18”
Weight28 Lbs / 12.7 Kgs
WindowsFull-length per side
Nitrile Glove7 pairs
Waste BagYes
HEPA (In), HE/OV/AG (Out)Yes
Rechargeable Battery1
Backboard PocketYes


The IsoPod Advantage Plus is not approved for medical procedures unless explicit authorization is given by an official governing authority or on-sight safety officer.