Gerson 2130 N95 Flat-fold Mask

Part #: 30-200-3 (Box), 30-200-4 (Case)

The Gerson 2130 is a disposable flat-fold N95 cup mask for use in surgical environments. With a one-size fits most shape thanks to its patented flexible-edge construction, the 2130 is truly a jack-of-all trades product for EMS and hospital workers.


  • Cleared by the FDA for use in surgical environments
  • Patented design provides greatest comfort and lower breathing pressure
  • Made with latex-free, staple-free head straps
  • Available in boxes of 20 or cases of 200


CE / NIOSH ApprovalsPending


Fit testing is required for proper use of mask.

All respiratory equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.

The Gerson 2130 is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame, sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.