MilPod Patient Isolation Stretcher


Designed in collaboration with US Special Forces, the Peke Milpod (patent pending) is designed to create CBRN capable negative /positive air pressure environments when connected to a unique software programmed air filter blower unit. This unique combination protects emergency
responders from off-gassing patients and casualties while also preventing contamination of vehicles and infrastructure.

The MilPod’s design provides 16 to 20 complete air changes per hour. For maximum visibility, structural rigidity, and unmatched portability, the MilPod is constructed from drop-stitch reinforced FR-rated PVC and 16 gauge clear vinyl, capable of supporting a patient without the
need for a spine board or stretcher, and can be deployed in 15 seconds using a CO2 cylinder., or 1 minute using a mechanical pump. This design allows the unit to take up as small a footprint as possible when stored in a locker or on a vehicle and a lack of parts to assemble
allows for the fastest setup time of any patient isolation chamber available on the market.

Includes access ports to allow IV, fluid lines, and patient monitoring systems to be passed in from the outside while it is in use.


  • Manufactured from heavy duty, puncture resistant grey 3-mil PVC drop stitch material
  • Inflatable to 20 PSI, the high-strength welded design is fully collapsable
    for maximum portability inside a standard military-style backpack
  • System is fully decontaminable and contains non-ferrous parts
  • 6 point reinforced carrying handles
  • Capable of supporting up to 400 lbs (200 Kgs)
  • Rigidity sufficient to support a spine injury
  • PAPR allows for greater than 16 to 20 air exchanges per hour based on
    negative or positive configuration, at 4 to 5 cfm for 10-14 hours
  • PAPR is fully EMF compliant
  • Milpod will float on water and can be dragged across rough terrain
  • System can be switched from negative to positive pressure operation to
    support burn victims

Peke MilPod Specifications

Vision PanelsFull-length per side
Nitrile Gloves7 (3 pairs per side, 1 at head end)
Glove Thickness5-mil to 20-mil (adjustable)
PAPR Unit6.254 cubic ft / minute
PAPR Battery Life10 - 14 hrs (based on flow rate)
Filters2 x HEPA filters / 2 x HE/OV/AG cannisters
Carrying Handles6
Weight44 Lbs / 22 Kgs
Dimensions (Deployed)84.64" x 26.38" x 25.19" (L x W x H)
Dimensions (Stored)16" x 12" x 25" (L x W x H)