Lakeland MicroMax NS Disposable Coverall

Part #: 10-CTL-428-(Size)

The MicroMax NS coverall is lightweight, disposable medical coverall designed to protect EMS and medical workers from hazardous dry particles smaller than 1 micron in size and most liquid aerosols.

Micromax NS material is a microporous film that offers an excellent barrier to dry particles, aerosols, and liquids; a solid all around performer. It is the clear choice if infectious agents such as blood-borne pathogens may be encountered by large teams of first responders, or for single-use shift work by medical workers.


  • Lightweight and disposable, offering a great value for outfitting large teams
  • Provides protection against blood and low-level solvents and contaminants
  • Maintains liquid-type integrity in compliance with ASTM F903 – Standard Test Method for Liquid Penetration Resistance of Protective Clothing or Protective
  • Ensembles Under a Shower Spray or Mannequin


Lakeland Micromax NS Specifications

Suit MaterialMicroMax NS
VariantsFront-entry w/ neck dam, Front-entry w/ hood
SizingS - XL
Case Quantity25

Lakeland Micromax NS Physical Testing Results

Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Basis WeightASTM D3776oz/yd21.55
Grab Tensile MDASTM D5034lbs22
Grab Tensile XDASTM D5034lbs31.4
Trapezoidal Tear MDASTM D5733lbs9
Trapezoidal Tear XDASTM D5733lbs5.8
Ball BurstASTM D751lbs19

Permeation Data For ASTMF1001 List Of Chemicals

Diazinon100%60 mins.Pass
Motor Oil - 40wt100%60 mins.Pass
Bleach (Household)100%60 mins.Pass
Isocyanite-based Paint 100%60 mins.Pass
Sodium Hydroxide 100%60 mins.Pass
Sodium Hyperchlorite 100%60 mins.Pass
Blood 3.2 x 108 (PFU/mL)60 mins.Pass

Test Methodologies

Suit material is protective against bacteria, protozoans, rickettsia, toxins, and viruses. Biopenetration resistance is measured in accordance with ASTM F1671 – Standard Test Method.

Chemical resistance data is in accordance with ASTM F1001 test methodology. Testing is performed on fabric samples only, not actual garments. Sample results vary and therefore averages for the results are reported. Sources for all test data are independent laboratory conditions and not actual use conditions.


All PPE, regardless of approval, should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.

The Micromax NS Coverall is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame, sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.

The Micromax NS Coverall should have slip-resistant or anti-slip materials on the outer surface of boots, shoe covers, or other garment surfaces in conditions where slipping could occur.